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David's yearbook picture

David Scott Paige

Born: November 18, 1961
Deceased: October 31, 2008

David Scott Paige, aka "Mungus", passed away unexpectedly on October 30, 2008, at the age of 46, in Greenville, South Carolina. He had arterial sclerosis.

A fanatic Red Sox fan, he was a ticket seller for their Greenville Drive A affiliate. David was not married and didn't leave any children. Some friends and family have established an obituary page for him.

Tony Amara, whose wedding featured David as Best Man giving the wedding toast, offered this bit of history:

"BLS'80 Historians" attribute the origin of of the nickname "Mungus" to BLS'80 classmate Eric Primack at a summercamp sometime after "sixie year." Little did Eric know back then that the name would become "quasi lengendary" for a very quiet, introverted and unassuming youngster. Most classmates thought "Mungus" was Dave's last name. Countless times I recall David stating "my last name is Paige...Mungus is a nickname" (including the 1st time he corrected me)."

David leaves his loving parents, Ruthe and Al; his two loving sisters, Ellen Belinsky and Judy Ulman, and a lot of nephews and nieces.

The Greenville News wrote up an article about David on December 8, 2008. Blue Water Moon was David's photography website.

From the Red Sox fan website (April, 2005)

"I am a lifelong Red Sox fan, grew up in Boston, even worked at The Fenway Park Ticket Office for 6 years. Now, I live in Greenville, South Carolina, Home of the Greenville Drive, an affiliate of the World Champion Boston Red Sox! On April 18th on the way home from work about 5pm the radio announcer said "There is a Bombers game tonite, and if you go to the game, you can see the Boston Red Sox World Series Trophy" (!!).. If I was not driving, I would have fallen down!

The stadium is only a few miles from my house, so I banged an immediate u-turn and raced over there.. I told the man at the gate I just heard the trophy was here and I need to see it.. He said they just put it away and I would have to go to the game now to see it.. The gates would open in one hour...

I went home and changed into my world series t-shirt and Red Sox cap and paced the floor for about 40 minutes.. I was so excited I could hardly breathe! At 6:45pm I took off for the stadium.. I paid $2 for parking and told the attendant: "I am only here to see the trophy!".. I paid $4 for a general admission ticket and told the agent: "I am only here to see the trophy!".. I told the customer service people, the concession workers, ticket takers, I was even introduced to the General Manager of the stadium: "I am only here to see the trophy!"..

At 7:00pm my dream came true as a representative of the World Champion Boston Red Sox brought out the trophy and threw out the first pitch, then walked up the aisle straight towards me.. I had the photo below taken and raced home to download it.. It is my desktop wallpaper at home and at work and I have a framed print in my living room.. So, for a grand total of $6 I got to see the Boston Red Sox World Series Trophy, hold it and have my photo taken with it..


David with 
	World Series trophy

Pictures of David

David with BLS 80 classmates
David with Stuart Kirsch, Eric Belson, David Darman, and Tony Amara (Dec. 3, 2006)

David with Miss USA Ashley Kazian
David with Miss USA Ashley Kazian (May 2, 2008)

Tony Amara found a short video that his son Freddy made with David back on September 6 when Freddy was showing David how Tokbox worked.

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